White Mississippi Cop Threatens To Shoot Complying Black Driver

A white police officer in Columbus, Mississippi, was filmed on his own body cam escalating a traffic stop and threatening to “empty a magazine” into the car of a compliant black driver on Aug. 18.

The Clarion-Ledger notes that Officer Keith Dowd pulled over the black driver for allegedly speeding.

The driver’s hands are on the steering wheel during most of the stop, and he answers Dowd with “Yes, sir” and “No, sir,’ without raising his voice.

After being threatened by Dowd, the driver admits to using marijuana just to pacify the angry cop.

Dowd ended up not issuing a ticket to the driver.

After the driver filed a complaint, Dowd was given a written reprimand after the incident. However, now Police Chief Oscar Lewis is reportedly going to put Dowd on paid administrative leave “immediately.”

(Source; The Clarion Ledger)

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