White Men Yell N-Word, Throw Bottles At Black Bicyclist In Tennessee

Two young white men yelled the N-word and threw bottles at a black man, Charles Peacock, who was riding his bike in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Peacock was wearing three cameras on his helmet and was able to record  two white people hanging out of the passenger window and sunroof of a passing SUV.

Peacock told WRCB that his left arm was injured by the bottles: 

It was just uncalled for. He was about 20 to 25 yards behind me. He was already out of the window from his waist, drawn back with the object in his hand, getting ready to throw it.

After they threw it, they said I got that N-word. I couldn’t get a good look at him. Like I said my main focus right then was keeping control of that bike and keep from running out into traffic and getting hit.

That’s not the first time I had a racial slur said to me while riding a bike, but as far as someone to actually throw something at me like that, I feel like that’s going too far. They’re not going to run me away. I’m going to keep riding.

Police are looking for the white people in the SUV. 

(Source: WRCB)

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