White Man Rants About Employees Speaking Spanish In Coffee Shop

A white male customer was filmed yelling about employees speaking Spanish to customers inside a Fresh Kitchen coffee shop in New York City.

The unidentified man complained to an employee while a female customer filmed him, notes RawStory.com:

Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English.

The also man pointed at everyone whom he overheard speaking Spanish

My guess is, they’re not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country.

They have the balls to come here and live off of my money? I pay for their welfare, I pay for their ability to be here. The least they could do, the least they could do is speak English.

The man threatened to call immigration agents on the woman who was filming him, and then stormed out.

(Source: RawStory.com)

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