White Man Goes On Racist Rant Against Family For Anti-Trump Sign

A white man was filmed going on a racist rant against a family for having a “F*ck Trump” sign in their yard in North Carolina on July 15.

Twitter user Charlotte Rising tweeted the video in which the man screamed obscenities at the family:

It smells like g*ddamn weed in your entire f*cking house, that’s why the cops are coming right now, motherf*cker! I’m gonna get you, n*gger! N*gger, n*gger, n*gger!

I built this country! And y’alls’ house smells like f*cking weed! I smelled it when I was walking up here!

The family also filmed the man’s license plate, which enraged the man.

(Source: Charlotte Uprising/Twitter)

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