White Man Drags Unconscious Black Man Off Train, Leaves Him To Suffer

An unidentified white man in a suit was filmed dragging an unconscious black man off a train and leaving him on a train platform in Long Beach, California, on Aug. 1.

A passenger who filmed the incident argued with the man in the suit, who finally got off the train and asked the unconscious man if he was responsive, notes KABC.

The passenger, who goes by the name Billion, told KTTV that the black man suffered a seizure:

Dude just had a seizure, and this white boy gonna drag him off the train so he don’t miss his ride…

I still wasn’t aware that the white guy had actually, from what people were saying, he had pulled the person who had passed out from his seat, over to the ground. And all of a sudden right in front of me, he starts dragging the guy right off the train.

So we all initially responded telling him to get his hands off him or whatever and the guys pants fell all the way down so he was naked, so he stopped for a second, pulled his pants up, laid him out on the ground.

Billion said the man in the suit’s motivation was he didn’t want to be delayed.

The train was held at the station until paramedics arrived. Fire officials confirmed the unconscious man was taken to a hospital.

Long Beach police also said they’re reviewing the video, but no arrests have been made.

(Sources: KTTV, KABC)

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