White Louisiana Cops Kill Black Man Over Expired Warrant

Police body cam video has surfaced of white police officers killing a black man when they tried to arrest him for an expired warrant in Marksville, Louisiana, on Oct. 20, 2017.

Police body cam of the killing the innocent man was obtained by The Advocate.

Avoyelles Parish Sherriff’s Deputies Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel, along with Marksville Police Officer Kenneth Parnell, confronted Armando Frank who was sitting on top of a tractor near a Walmart store.

Frank asked the police to produce the warrant, which they admitted they did not have on them. The police refused to say what Frank was charged with or who signed the warrant. 

When Frank refused to step off the tractor until they had the information, the police escalated the situation by attacking him.

Forensic pathologist Youngsville pathologist Christopher Tape said that manual strangulation was the primary cause of Frank’s death. 

Tape ruled that the police officers compromised Frank’s breathing for more than six minutes, and did not attempt to resuscitate Frank.

Spillman used a chokehold on Frank from behind, while the other officers tried to pull Frank down and tase him numerous times.

An Avoyelles Parish grand jury refused to indict the white cops for negligent homicide charges in March.

District Attorney Charles Riddle said in an interview the grand jury did not agree Tape’s professional medical conclusion that the officers were to blame for Frank’s death.

The expired warrant was for simple criminal trespassing and attempted unauthorized entry into a dwelling, from 2016, but the District Attorney’s Office had declined to prosecute Frank.

Spillman played the victim in his police report by claiming that Frank — who did not escalate the situation — became physically aggressive, and that Frank “suddenly raised his hand toward my face.”

Spillman claimed that Frank “continued actively resisting by pulling away from law enforcement personnel, violently thrashing about and became even more actively aggressive by striking personnel.”

Spillman’s and the Sheriff’s Office’s reports did not mention that Frank struggled to breathe several times.

Spillman, Daniel, and Parnell are named defendants in a civil rights lawsuit.

(Source: The Advocate)

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