White Kansas Cop Handcuffs Black Man, Searches His Car Because Of ‘Vegetation On The Window’

A black man, Rudy Samuel, was pulled over by a white police officer in Winfield, Kansas, on May 13 for allegedly failing to signal to turn within 100 feet.

Samuel used his cellphone to broadcast the traffic stop on Facebook Live. The officer said in the video that he had to search Samuel’s car because of some “vegetation on the window.”

Samuel questioned the warrantless search, and told the officer to test the “tree stuff” before searching his car, notes The Wichita Eagle.

The officer responded: “I’ll test it here in a little bit, OK, I ain’t got to test it right now.”

A second white police officer showed up and the cops forcibly removed Samuel from his car and handcuffed him.

The first officer told Samuel that he was being detained so the cops could search his car; Samuel said he did not consent to the search several times.

Samuel later wrote on Facebook:

Yea straight Stereotyped me he grab my phone I told him he better get a warrant for it so he powered it off.

No drugs were found in the car, and Samuel was not arrested,

Winfield Police Chief Brett Stone refused to comment.

(Sources: The Wichita Eagle, Rudy Samuel/Facebook)

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