White House Tries To Smear CNN’s Jim Acosta By Falsely Accusing Him Of Placing His Hands On Female Intern

The White House suspended CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials by falsely accusing him of “placing his hands on a young woman” (more video below).

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders made the false claim — which first appeared on right wing websites —  as an excuse to ban Acosta who debunked Trump’s wild lies about the migrant caravan:

In response, Acosta called out Sanders’ lie:

Sarah Burris of RawStory.com noted that it was the intern who touched Acosta:

Acosta told CNN host Anderson Cooper that Trump is trying to shut down the press (video below):

It’s a test for all of us. They are trying to shut us down.

(Sources: Sarah Sanders/Twitter, Jim Acosta/Twitter, Sarah Burris/Twitter, CNN)

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