White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Falsely Claims Trump Denounced White Supremacists

White House adviser Peter Navarro falsely claimed on MSNBC that President Donald Trump denounced white supremacists during his debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Sept. 29.

In reality, Trump urged the white supremacist Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” which the bigots are now sharing in a new logo online that included the phrase “stand back and stand by,” noted

Despite the overwhelming evidence, including Trump’s own words, Navarro went on a lying rant:

When he asked the president the question about that, the president said, of course, he started to say, of course he would denounce that, and Wallace cut him off. So I’m not — I think the president has made it clear that he wants no part of that kind of stuff, what the president also made clear, I think, it is a good distinction between Joe Biden and the president is, the president is for law and order...

The president denounced white supremacists repeatedly. You aren’t hearing that. What I think Chris Wallace did last night was basically serve as Joe Biden’s cut man. Every time Biden got into trouble — it is a factual matter. Wallace interrupted 76 times the president and 15 times with Joe Biden. What is wrong with that picture?

(Sources: Vera Bergengruen/Twitter, MSNBC via YouTube)

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