White Gun Shop Owner Refuses To Sell To Black Man In Virginia

Chris King Mason, an African American, filmed a white gun shop owner refusing to sell him a gun in Richmond, Virginia.

Mason poste a video of the incident inside Hopkins Gun and Tackle on Facebook on Nov. 6 with a description:

2 seconds into me walking inside, the owner of this store refused to sell me any firearms. His reason was simply and I quote “I will not sell you or your friend any firearms because my reason to believe is that you will sell them to someone else.”

At first I presumed that he wasn’t serious because I am a regular customer, until he stood by his decision not to sell me anything and ask that I remove myself from the store. I will not be racially profiled and be a part of stereotypical injustice, especially where I spend MY MONEY.

Bearing Arms, a gun news site, defended the gun shop owner: “However, if you watch the video, there’s absolutely no mention of the guy’s race by the man at the gun store. Nothing at all. Further, what did we not see? Did he talk about shooting people? Did he quip about getting even with someone?”

“If there was any of that, even if meant as a joke, it might have been more than enough to making someone uncomfortable about selling the gun. Remember that gun store owners are under a microscope. Had this guy bought the gun, then gone and shot someone and anyone learn he’d been making such comments prior to his purchase of the murder weapon, what kind of press would the gun store have received.”

(Sources: Chris King Mason/Facebook, Bearing Arms)

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