White Florida Woman Screams N-Word at Black Men, Says She Has ‘Reasons to be Racist’

A woman, identified as Gina Brashear, was filmed yelling the N-word six times at two Black men in Lehigh Acres, Florida, on Jan. 23, reports WBBH.

Brashear was mad at the Black men — Will Osley and Melvin Finely — because they were unloading sheet metal from a semi-truck, and temporarily blocking her driveway.

Finely recalled Brashear’s racist rant:

Me and him are on the back of the truck, we’re still working. We’re still unloading the sheets of metal onto the pallet [and] we start hearing this commotion on the other side of the truck just getting louder and louder and more intense.

Brashear said she had no regrets:

It doesn’t matter if I said it 100 times in 30 seconds. There’s nothing illegal about saying it. Do I have reasons to be racist? Absolutely I do. That one you need to get straight coming from me, I don’t care who’s upset. I don’t care that I’m called a racist.

(Source: WBBH)

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