White Evangelicals Defend Covington Catholic High Students After They Mock Native American

White evangelicals are rushing to the defense of the Covington Catholic High students who mocked Native American Nathan Phillips in Washington D.C.

Wallbuilders’ Tim Barton defended the students by going on a wild rant about Native Americans not having their land stolen by colonialists, reports Right Wing Watch.

Evangelist Franklin Graham applauded student Nick Sandmann who smirked at Phillips while his classmates jeered the Native American:

There are lessons to be learned from what happened to Nick Sandmann. I thought this young man showed a lot of maturity in a very tense situation, and I applaud him for that. However, because of the media’s biases and false, slanted reporting, he received physical threats and even death threats, and their school had to be closed yesterday due to security concerns. Let’s pray for Nick and the other students at his school. And pray for our country which has become so divided. I lay much of the blame at the feet of the media for feeding the divisions and pushing their own agendas rather than just accurately researching and reporting the news.

Graham did not mention that Covington students have a history of wearing blackface, which they defended on Fox News.

Jim Daly, the CEO of Focus on the Family appeared to defend the boys’ harassment of the Native American based on a factually-challenged statement prepared by a PR company on behalf of Sandmann:

At the same time, the Native American veteran came barreling into the group of kids beating a drum. Sandmann, in an attempt to de-escalate the confrontation, stood silent, and simply smiled at the agitator while his fellow students began a recitation of school pep rally cheers.

The media, thinking they had a clip of pro-life Trump supporters taunting a Native American, went wild. It wasn’t until a day later when the truth came out…

Frank Sontag, a Christian radio host on KKLA in Los Angeles, also referred to the PR statement as the supposed factual version on Jan 22.

ThinkProgress notes what has not been reported widely about Sandmann and the rest of the Covington Catholic High kids:

Sandmann’s family hired a well-connected PR firm to spin the story. RunSwitch, whose co-owner Scott Jennings is an adviser to House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and is a CNN contributor, pushed the story Sunday that Nick and his peers were the real victims.

After neglecting to disclose its ties to RunSwitch, CNN shared Sandmann’s statement, and the rest of the mainstream media, with its bottomless mercy for white boys and bottomless suspicion for people color, gobbled it up.

As videos continue to surface, the Covington boys look no less guilty. Additional videos show one of Sandmann’s peers making a rape joke (“it’s not rape if you enjoy it”) and another group yelling at women walking by — all before the now famous altercation.

Old photos are surfacing of Covington Catholic youth in blackface and a second camera angle shows the crowd boisterously jumping up and down as they laugh in Phillips’ face.

(Sources: Franklin Graham/Facebook, Focus on the Family, Courier-Journal, KKLA, Right Wing Watch, ThinkProgress)

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