White Evangelical ‘Pro-Life’ Activist Abby Johnson Melts Down When Told Jesus Was Not White

White evangelical “pro-life” activist Abby Johnson had a meltdown on June 22 after black activist Shaun King tweeted that murals and stained glass that depict Jesus and his parents as being white should be taken down. King also noted these white images have been used as part of oppression.

Johnson added that King should not have a voice until he repents to her satisfaction:

The History Channel notes what the Bible says about Jesus’ appearance:

For many scholars, Revelation 1:14-15 offers a clue that Jesus’s skin was a darker hue and that his hair was woolly in texture. The hairs of his head, it says, “were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace.

Christianity Today noted in 2016 how the white portrayal of Jesus was used to oppress non-white people during 19th century colonialism:

In the colonial period, Western Europe for the most part exported its image of a white Christ worldwide, and white Jesus often shaped the way Christians understood Jesus’ ministry and mission. Some 19th-century Christians, eager to justify the cruelties of slavery, went out of their way to present Jesus as white.

By negating his true identity as a dark-skinned, oppressed minority, slaveholders were better able to justify the master-slave hierarchy and forget Jesus’ ministry to set the oppressed free (Luke 4:18).

(Sources: Abby Johnson/Twitter, History Channel, Christianity Today)

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