White Driver Screams ‘Run Monkey’ At Black Woman, Insists He’s Not Racist, Cops Believe Him

A white driver reportedly yelled “run monkey” at a black woman in Chester County, Pennsylvania, bu then insisted he was not a racist.

The black woman, Zhaqweyza Armstrong, told WXTF that she pulled out her phone camera after the man started shouting racial slurs at her:

I didn’t know what was going on. I was terrified.

The white driver, John Rodgers, told the Daily Local News that he is not a racist:

I am not racial. I have a mixed-race grandchild. Bi-racial grandkids. I wouldn’t normally say that word. I am not a racial person. I don’t see color. I see ignorance.

Sgt. William Slaton said both parties have agreed not to press any charges against the other, and he agreed that Rodgers is not racist:

[He] was upset and said some things he didn’t necessarily mean, out of anger. He wanted to convey to me that he wasn’t a racist. I gathered that from our meeting after seeing photos of his family.

“Do I believe he is a racist? No. Do I believe he used words out of anger? Yes. He isn’t a racist. I did not perceive that when I met him. He said he just doesn’t like stupid people.

“His sole purpose now is to get the message out that he is not a racist. I think he just chose the easiest words he could to offend someone because he was extraordinarily angry.

The 52-year-old commercial truck said that he has received threats after the racist video went viral.

Rodgers went on to describe how the black woman was supposedly at fault:

I got back in the lane, and she started slamming on her brakes ahead of me.

Rodgers also claimed the black woman began throwing things out of her car, food wrappers and cups, in front of him, he claimed.

The two cars were soon blocked in both lanes by a pair of slow moving trucks, he said.

Rodgers also claimed  that the black womam cursed and called him “white trash.”

Rodgers told the Local Daily News “She wants to be hollering at me?”

Rodgers admitted he used a common racial epithet and shouting at her to “go back to Africa,” but insisted everything was okay: 

We thought that was the end of it. We talked it over on the way home. She said her words, I said my words.

However, the next day the racist rant video “went viral.”

Armstrong told a local news station a different version:

He starts with the racial slurs. ‘You (expletive). Go back to Africa.’ Like he’s just screaming, And he has no windows or doors on his car so I felt like he was inside of my car. I was by myself. He’s a huge man so I was terrified.

(Sources: WTXF, Daily Local News)

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