White Delaware State Trooper Says He Can Search Black Driver’s Car Because He Is ‘Scared’

A black driver’s car was searched by a white Delaware state trooper who said he was allowed to search the vehicle because he was “scared” and because the black driver had New Jersey plates.

The driver, Manny, uploaded the video on YouTube with a description of the incident:

It all started as a trip to visit family members in Middletown, Delaware. Parked not even a block away from their property, 4 armed cops on patrol began to harass me for sitting in my car using my phone. They processed to search my car without a warrant nor my consent. Their probable cause was “you look suspicious”. I’m unsure as of now if I should pursue this. Please inform in the comment section below if this video is sufficient evidence to incriminate them.

The trooper explained to the driver why he was apparently violating the the driver’s Fourth Amendment rights:

You don’t have to [consent] I’m scared. You’re suspicious. You have Jersey tags and you’re in this area.

The driver asked the troopers for their names and badge numbers, but they refused to provide the information. One trooper replied: “Negative.”

Delaware State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Richard Bratz later released a statement:

We are aware of the YouTube video. We are investigating the facts surrounding the incident. Information will be released when it becomes available.

(Source: Manny/YouTube)

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  1. I’m from Delaware and yes you have the right to file a lawsuit for harassment and if I were you I would proceed to to do so.


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