White CVS Manager Calls Police On Black Woman Over Alleged Fake Coupon

A white CVS manager identified as Morry Matson called the police on a black woman, Camilla Hudson, who was trying to use a manufacturer’s coupon, which the manager claimed was fraudulent, in Chicago on July 13.

Hudson filmed the manager calling the police, while his hands shook, and posted a caption on Facebook:

So, THIS just happened: I had the police called on me for attempting to use a coupon @ CVS! I stopped in to make a purchase using a coupon mailed to me by the product manufacturer, as replacement for problematic/defective product.

The manager on duty said that he’d never seen a coupon like the one I had and said that he thought it was fraudulent. When I asked for his name and his title/role within the store, he became agitated and rude.

When I pulled out my phone to document what happened and exactly what he’d said to me (AND how he’d said it!) he turned his back and walked away from me.

When I followed him and demanded that he answer my question, he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face.

Meanwhile, the other manager, who’d been helping me initially, came running back to tell me that I’d better leave the store immediately, because he’d called the police.

Of course, I had ZERO concerns about the police being called. Apparently, they’d hung up on him the first time he called, so he had to call them back a second time, telling the 911 dispatcher that I was harassing them (which I have on video).

Three tactical unit officers arrived and, after some conversation and documenting their names, badge numbers, etc., I eventually left the store. Needless to say, this is far from over. Life in these United States. Aargh.

CVS said they fired Matson and a second manager on July 16:

(Source: Camilla Hudson/Facebook, CVS/Twitter)

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  1. I am sorry that ignorant people are prejudice, & don’t know how to act maturely, or with appropriate concern for others. CVS needs to address their policy of serving customers. We have many races living in America.


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