White Cop Holds Innocent Black Couple At Gunpoint For 10 Minutes

Feo Mas posted a video on Facebook on July 29 of a police officer in Campbell, California holding a gun on Mas and his girlfriend, Amanda Galan, for about 10 minutes.

Mas told The Free Thought Project that he was going to a job interview when he and Galan were pulled over for allegedly speeding. Police Office Daniel Stromska pulled a gun on the couple after Mas “reached under the seat.”

Mas claimed that he was trying to get the car insurance and registration paperwork that Stromska asked for. After a backup officer came to the scene, Mas said he was handcuffed., but no weapons were found.

Galan ended up getting a speeding ticket, while Mas was cited for not wearing his seat belt even though the video shows Mas with his seatbelt on.

(Sources: Feo Mas/Facebook, The Free Thought Project)

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