White Cop — Highest Paid City Employee in Baltimore — Attacks Black Man, Police Union Supports Cop

Sgt. Ethan Newberg, who is the highest paid employee in the city of Baltimore, was charged with second-degree assault and false imprisonment stemming from an attack on a bystander, Lee Dotson, in Southwest Baltimore on May 30, reported the Baltimore Sun.

The city police union defended Newberg, who is reportedly paid $260,775.

Newberg lectured Dotson while charging him with disorderly conduct (which was dropped): “Just go to jail and take your charge like a man.”

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said he was “deeply disturbed” about the incident, noted the Baltimore Sun:

From what I saw, the man did nothing to provoke Sgt. Newberg, whose actions were not just wrong but deeply disturbing/ Be tough on crime, but be soft on people.

Dotson claimed Newberg didn’t plan to show up in court:

He was like, “I just want to inconvenience you.” ’He said that, “As long as I don’t hear from you, I won’t come to court.”

(Sources: The Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Sun)

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