White Cop Beats Handcuffed Black Teen In Kentucky Jail

A newly-released police body cam video show a corrections officer punching a 19-year-old handcuffed black inmate, Terry Whitehead, in the face in the Louisville, Kentucky jail on April 15.

Whitehead was reportedly attacked by the officer because he put toilet paper on his cell window.

Whitehead explained that he covered the window while using the toilet. That’s when Officer David Schwartz took the cowardly punch, notes the Courier-Journal.

Schwartz was fired, as was Officer Devan Edwards, who failed to report the incident.

Whitehead has filed a lawsuit against the two fired officers in U.S. District Court in Louisville claiming that he was pepper sprayed, handcuffed and badly beaten.

If Whitehead prevails, it will be Kentucky taxpayers who will pay for the actions of the two ex-officers.

Whitehead alleges that he suffered contusions, swelling and blacked out because of the assault, but was not taken to the University of Louisville Hospital until April 25.

 (Source: Courier-Journal)

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