White Christian Radio Host Says Black Lives Matter Is an ‘Evil Enemy’ Run by ‘Mad Marxist Anarchists’

White Christian radio host Eric Metaxas claimed on his June 24 show that Black Lives Matter — which opposes police brutality — is “an evil enemy” that “does not care about Black lives” and wants to destroy the United States, notes Right Wing Watch:

The fact of the matter is if they get to do everything they want to do, they will harm Blacks. If you actually care about Blacks—which I assume most people do, whether you’re white or not—you must oppose Black Lives Matter, the movement.

You must oppose the organization because this organization, they are mad. They are mad Marxist anarchists. They want to do everything they can to destroy the country in which Blacks have been given such an opportunity to flourish.

Metaxas also praised white Christians and the Bible (which supports slavery) for abolishing slavery, but failed to mention that white Christians used the Bible for centuries to justify slavery:

The only reason we abolished slavery, the only reason we had a civil rights movement is because of the Bible. It was because of Jesus and because of a lot of white people, especially in the abolitionist movement, that we had the end of slavery, that we had a war to end slavery.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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