White Christian Evangelicals Say They Support Trump After His Racist Remarks

A group of white Christian evangelicals told MSNBC that they still support President Donald Trump after his racist remarks about “sh*thole countries” even though that is “contrary to Christ.”

Pastor Ryan Jorgenson of Harvest Bible Chapel said:

I think he’s doing really well in policy. But the character is an issue at times. For instance, what was said in the office [using the term “sh*thole” to refer to African nations], that is contrary to what Christ would stand for in the Bible and what Christians would be about.

Conservative activist Steve Deace said the Trump controversies are pushing  evangelicals to “where they are beginning to not care.”

Deace also advised Trump to spend taxpayer money on more rallies: 

I would tell him, “You’re not serving your ego well. Go outside of the beltway, do more rallies, connect more with actual everyday people, the people who put you in the White House.”

Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader called on Trump to pass a law that would allow Christians to discriminate against LGBT people:

If I own a venue and I believe marriage is between one man and one woman and a gay couple says, “I want to get married.” And that owner says, “Not at this venue.” Because we don’t celebrate that.

Jorgenson said he wants Trump will help states “criminalize abortion” and “stop this murdering of unborn people.”

Joan Acela, a retired school teacher, called on the president “to follow the word of God,” which includes capital punishments for disobeying parents, adultery and rape victims.

Acela claimed: “There is an answer in the Bible for every issue. And if he just follows that, we will be blessed.”

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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