White Business Owner On Frontier Airlines Flight: I’m Playing My White Card

A video has surfaced of an allegedly drunken white man getting out of control while a black woman filmed him during their Frontier Airlines flight from St. Louis to Denver in June.

The River Front Times notes the drunken man yelled repeatedly that he was “playing my f*cking white card” after the flight crew allegedly refused to serve him more alcohol.

Eventually the drunkard was hauled off the plane in a gurney (video below) by police officers at the the Denver International Airport

According to The River Front Times, it’s not clear if the man was ever charged with a  crime, and the woman, Shemekia Cannon, said she has only been been offered only a $250 flight voucher.

Cannon said the Frontier flight staff kept serving the man booze even though he was visibly drunk.

Cannon claims that her requests to be moved to a different seat were ignored, which forced her to experience the man’s racist tantrum from just inches away. 

Cannon said the man bragged about penis size:

He kept screaming, “I’m a business owner, I’m a business owner. ” He wanted everybody to know is that he is a business man and he had white privilege and a white card. He was flailing and fighting everybody.

Cannon was eventually moved to another seat.

A Frontier spokesman told River Front Times:

We take allegations of misconduct very seriously and have worked internally to investigate Ms. Cannon’s concerns. The comfort, safety and security of our crew and passengers is our first priority at all times.

(Source: River Front Times)

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