White Boston Police Harass Black Man While He Walks To Barbershop

White police officers were recently filmed stopping and harassing an unidentified black man who was walking to a barbershop in Boston.

A video of the incident was originally posted on WorldStar Hip Hop on Feb. 27.

The black man had just gotten out of his Uber ride when police pulled over and peppered him with questions about his name, which he refused to give.

The cop then claimed the police were looking to speak to the black man, but refused to say why. The cop asked the black man where he lived, and what he was doing outside.

The black man informed the cop that he was going to a barbershop, but the cop skeptically told him: ‘You look like you just got it done.”

The cop pulled out his cellphone, started filming the black man and smirked: “Your parents proud of you for flipping off the police?”

A second officer told the black man that he was free to go, but the first cop sarcastically asked the black man:

Have a great day, contributor. What do you do for work, what do you do for work? Anything?

The first cop then repeatedly told the black man to “go away,” and the black man had finally had enough and insulted the cop.

The first officer told the black man it was noon on Thursday, and asked him what he was doing, and then bragged again that he was working.

The black man told the cop to “get the f*ck out of here” and told him that he “looked stupid.”

The cop asked the black man, “Who’s phone is that?” and then walked away.

(Source: WorldStar Hip Hop)

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