White Bar Owner Drops the F-Bomb Numerous Times on Hispanic Fruit Seller Who Was on Public Sidewalk

KHTS reports that Bergie’s Bar And Grill owners Renee McAlonis and Mike Foster were filmed harassing a Hispanic fruit vendor in Canyon Country, California.

As a result, their bar has been flooded with negative reviews, prompting the site to have a warning for “unusual activity.”

In a video of the incident Foster drops the F-bomb numerous times on the Hispanic man who had his fruit stand set up on a public sidewalk:

Get it the f*ck out of here. It looks like sh*t… We’re not the f*cking ghetto! It needs to go… Where’s your health permit? Where’s your resale permit? Prove you pay taxes.

The fruit vendor told KHTS that McAlonis of made more racist remarks than what was filmed on video:

The lady said we couldn’t sell because we didn’t pay taxes and because we were from Mexico. We had water to have customers wash their hands, and they (McAlonis) threw it on the ground.

(Source: KHTS)

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