White Assistant Principal Takes Down Black Student, Resigns

Assistant Principal Thomas Bacon recently resigned after a violent incident with a black student at Central High School in Providence, Rhode Island.

A video of the incident, posted on Twitter, shows Bacon on top of the student, shouting and pinning him down.

Mayor Jorge Elorza told The Providence Journal that Bacon resigned because he “understood that termination was on the table.”

“I never spoke with him but the superintendent and I were discussing it,” Elorza added. “We all saw the video. It was very disturbing. We saw enough for us to be very, very concerned.”

Police are investigating the incident, Bacon has not been charged.

The student’s mother, Jennifer Pemberton, said she is happy that Bacon has resigned, but wants an apology from the school. Her son Amare is still on suspension until a meeting with school officials.

“[Bacon) still should be fired and charged,” Pemberton. “An apology needs to be issued. There needs to be more training [for school staff] as their response was excessive.”

(Source: The Providence Journal, vix0_/Twitter)

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