West Virginia Family Bullied By Christians After Suing Over Bible Class In Public School

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit recently upheld a lawsuit that Elizabeth Deal filed in 2017 against the Mercer County School district in West Virginia over its “Bible in the Schools” course.

Mercer County Public Schools are represented by the First Liberty Institute, a right wing evangelical law firm.

Deal told NBC News that when her daughter Jessica Roe did not attend the Bible class in first grade, so she and another girl were placed in a coat closet and given iPads “to amuse themselves” during the 30-minute class.

Deal said that when Jessica was in third grade, the bullying began:

The kids started telling her that she and her family were all going to hell. One girl saw the Harry Potter book that Jessica Roe was reading and slammed it down on her desk. “You don’t need to be reading this witch magic stuff, you should be reading The Bible,” she yelled.

Deal transferred Jessica to a public school across the state border, in Bluefield, Virginia.

After Deal sued in 2017, she said Mercer County suspended the “Bible in the Schools” class and she was bullied on Facebook:

This isn’t about me saying you’re wrong because you’re Christian. I am for anything that makes someone a better person. … But part of freedom of religion is separating church and state.

In their lawsuit, Deal and the other parent referred to the program as “Bible indoctrination classes” and is “similar to what a child may hear in a church’s Sunday school.”

Deal and the other parent also said in their lawsuit that the program also promoted religious beliefs like creationism and incorrect descriptions of history:

So picture Adam being able to crawl up on the back of a dinosaur! He and Eve could have their own personal water slide! Wouldn’t that be so wild!

(Source: NBC News, Photo Credit: Elizabeth Deal)

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