Washington State Cop Pepper Sprays Boy, Kicks Him In Back

A police officer was filmed pepper spraying and kicking a boy in the back at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima on Sept. 23.

Police said they were breaking up a fight between 15 people; four teens were arrested.

A video posted on Facebook by Jasmin Hernandez Cervera shows several teens running away while a few remain fighting:

I don’t know what was the cause of the fight. I turned around 
right in the middle of it. I don’t know the kids who were involved. I was 
coincidentally a bystander.

One of the teens appears disoriented, while police ordered him to get on the ground. That’s when a cop blindsided the boy with a kick in the back.

The boy’s lawyer, Bill Pickett, told YakimaHerald.com that the cop displayed “abusive and unacceptable conduct by an officer,” and added:

The family wants justice. They need to know that they are heard, and they need to know that this type of conduct is wrong and they need to know that this is going to stop.

Interim Chief Gary Jones issued a statement:

I don’t know if [the boy] was one of the primary aggressors. That’s something the investigation will determine.

Anytime you only see a snippet of a video, you’ve got to look at the totality of what was going on — what was going on around the officer. With a very short amount of video, it doesn’t give us all the information.

Jones said he didn’t know how long the department’s investigation into the officer’s actions would take.

(Sources: Jasmin Hernandez Cervera/Facebook, YakimaHerald.com)

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