Washington Police Accused Of Breaking Senior’s Neck, He Dies

Police in Issaquah, Washington are accused of breaking the neck of a 65-year-old man with Alzheimers, Wang Shen Leng, in August 2018. Leng was hospitalized and died in September 2018.

The coroner ruled Leng’s death a homicide, but the police department refuses to comment.

The police report says officers were answering a noise complaint call and that Leng — who only spoke Chinese — was “waving his arms and yelling” in his home;; when police handcuffed him, the cops said he “went limp,” notes KIRO.

Harry Williams, an attorney for Leng’s family, said the police used excessive force:

The police proceeded to come in, to separate the two, and to force Mr. Leng down onto the couch — pushing on his neck in such a way that it ended up breaking his neck.

A healthy person, who that morning had walked to the Issaquah Community Center.And after an interaction with police, someone who was never conscious again and died a month later,

A neighbor of Leng, Jim Lemming, said he called 911:

When I heard real heavy banging is when I called 911 without knowing what was going on, I figured better safe than sorry. Sad the way ended, everyone has 20/20 hindsight.

(Source KIRO)

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