Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Schools Trump Over Arming Teachers, Trump Pouts

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington confronted President Donald Trump about his bizarre plan to arm some teachers with guns.

Trump denied that he wanted to arm teachers, and then admitted he wanted to arm a “very small percentage” of teachers who are “gun-adept.” 

Trump also parroted the NRA’s false claim that no one has guns to protect innocent people in “gun-free zones” such as schools. In reality, security people in “gun-free zones” are allowed to be armed.

Inslee then schooled Trump on arming teachers:

Whatever percentage [of armed teachers] it is, speaking as a grandfather… I have listened to the people who would be affected by that. I have listened to the biology teachers and they don’t want to do that at any percentage.

I’ve listened to the first-grade teachers that don’t want to be pistol-packing first-grade teachers. I’ve listened to law enforcement who have said they don’t want to have to train teachers as law enforcement which takes about six months.

Now, I just think this is a circumstance where we need to listen that educators should educate, and they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first-grade classes.

While Inslee spoke, Trump appeared to pout, cross his arms and frown.

Inslee ignored the president’s childish behavior and added:

Now, I understand you have suggested this, and we suggest things and sometimes then we listen to people about it and maybe they don’t look so good a little later.

So I just suggest we need a little less tweeting and a little more listening and let’s just take that off the table and move forward.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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