Washington DC Police Called for Help 17 Times as Trump Supporters Attacked Capitol, But Were Denied Assistance

A new study by The Washington Post, in cooperation with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, found that Washington D.C. police pleaded for backup help 17 times in 78 minutes — but did not receive any — while Trump supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6:

The examination reveals how police were hampered by an insufficient number of officers and shortages ofless-lethal weapons and protective equipment and also provides a glimpse into communications breakdowns within the police response.

In footage reviewed by The Post, [Cmdr. Robert Glover] and his team of at least 30 MPD officers, identifiable by their yellow-sleeved jackets, can be seen arriving at 1:12 p.m. Within minutes, police managed to push back the protesters and set up a new barrier. But officers quickly suffered injuries as the mob grew in size and became more violent, according to video and audio recordings.

(Source: The Washington Post)

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