Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses to Give Woman Doctor-Prescribed Medicine To Induce Miscarriage, No Baby Heartbeat

Nicole Arteaga was recently turned down at a Walgreens pharmacy in Peoria, Arizona, after her doctor prescribed medication to induce a miscarriage because her unborn baby no longer had a heartbeat.

The 35-year-old woman was looking forward to being a mother again when she received the heartbreaking news during a 10-week pregnancy doctor’s appointment.

Arteaga told the Arizona Republic how she was turned down by a Walgreens pharmacist:

I don’t have control over my body and I don’t have control of the situation. I was seeking help for the medication I needed and he refused. I completely lost it and was in tears.

Arteaga agreed to take prescription medication instead of undergoing an invasive medical procedure:

I didn’t want to need those pills. This is not how I wanted my pregnancy to go, but this is my situation.

Her husband J.R. Arteaga returned to the store to try to explain their situation to the science-challenged pharmacist: 

He wasn’t compassionate about it. He didn’t seem to care what we were going through already.

Arteaga was able to pick up the medication with at a different Walgreens.

Walgreens said their pharmacists are allowed to refuse to fill a prescription anytime they have a moral objection (even if it violates medical science) under company policy.

Walgreens said someone reached out to Arteaga to apologize for how the situation was handled, but Arteaga said they did not.

Arteaga called the manager of the Peoria store to complain, bur the manager did not offer an apology.

Walgreens then changed their story and later told the Arizona Republic that Arteaga’s dispute was brought to their attention, that a rep would reach out to her.

Arizona laws allow pharmacies and pharmacists to refuse to fill a prescription for religious or moral reasons, even if those objections defy science and reality.

Pharmacies aren’t required to refer or transfer any refused prescriptions.

(Source: Arizona Republic)

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