Walgreens Calls Cops On Black Man With Diabetes For Trying To Buy Product For Insulin Pump Scarring

A Walgreens store in St. Louis called the police on a black man with diabetes who tried to buy a product to help his insulin pump scarring on July 2.

Wesley Dozier recalled the incident to KSDK:

I was more than anything shocked I felt threatened, but I was just simply confused.

Dozier said he uses a special pump to give him insulin for his  Type 1 diabetes:

This pump is very important to me because it makes it that way so I don’t have to give myself shots.

Dozier said Walgreens employees accused him of stealing high-end beauty products. The police were called, and searched him, but did not find any stolen items.

Dozier said the police asked him to leave the store:

I felt like I was being treated like I did something wrong. And the way they looked at me was if I was a criminal.

I’ve never stolen anything in my entire life. I just simply want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I would like to see some sort of action take place as far as identification of those who steal from their stores.

After being approached by KSDK, Walgreens issued a vague statement:

First and foremost, we firmly believe everyone should be welcome and treated with respect at our stores, and we’ll continue working to make sure that happens. Our policies strictly prohibit any form of discrimination or racial profiling, and any such occurrence will not be tolerated. We take this matter very seriously and continue to look into it.

(Source: KSDK)

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