Waitress Quits Serving Black Customers, Restaurant Calls Police On Customers

The Blue Sky Tower Grill in Richmond Height, Missouri called the police on a group of African-American professionals after a waitress reportedly got tired of serving them on Feb. 9.

The group of 30 black customers were accused of not wanting to pay their bill, notes KTVI.

Terrence Dickerson — a chef, recording artist and a father of two — said he made reservations for 30 of his friends and family members for his birthday dinner:

We wanted to have a good time and a birthday celebration, they treated us like we’re not supposed to be there. [The waitress] left and never came back. The next message we get is the police want you to leave.

Police Chief Doug Scaeffler recalled what happened next:

We had number officers 7 or 8 officers respond.  We quickly found out that it was not a disturbance just a misunderstanding over how the group would be billed if it would be one check or an individual check.  When we arrived, the restaurant came to an agreement and was working with the group.

Dickerson said the restaurant feared the group would not pay their bill because they were black. They were then forced to pay their bills in a single file line and leave before the party was over.

The Blue Sky Grill refused to comment.

(Source: KTVI)

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