Virginia Tech Women’s Lacrosse Team Sings N-Word

A video has surfaced of members of the Virginia Tech Women’s Lacrosse team repeatedly singing the N-word as part white rapper Lil Dicky’s song “Freaky Friday” on the team bus on March 24.

Virginia Tech women’s lacrosse coach John Sung told The Roanoke Times: “This is a teachable moment. It’s not something that we’re proud of. The team is very apologetic and sorry. There’s nobody of any color that should say it. Period. There’s nobody that should say it.”

However, the school would not allow any of the “very apologetic” players speak to  The Roanoke Times.

Sung insisted: “There was no malice involved. They just thought that they were singing along to a song. They had just won. They’re singing songs. The first couple songs were Disney songs. … They were celebrating and they were dancing and they were excited. They’re good kids that made a bad decision.”

After calling the racist incident a “teachable moment” and defending the adult players as “good kids,” Sung insisted he wasn’t trying to sweep it under the rug:

We’re trying to do what’s right. This isn’t something that we sweep under the rug. The team is extremely sorry. They’re trying to make it right. And I know that we’ll never make it right with anybody, but … this is a moment that defines this program but yet a moment that will help this program be better.

Sung said the young adults needed to be educated in what is “socially acceptable”:

They’ve got to be educated to make better decisions. They’ve got to know what’s socially acceptable, and I think they’re learning all those things. It’s a lot on me as the leader. People forget — I’m a minority.

Sung also gave the standard line about the video not being part of the values of Virginia Tech:

We are engaged in conversations with the campus community to share our sincere apology. We have confidence that the team will learn from this mistake and understand that these actions reflect poorly on our program and do not represent the values of our program or the principles of the university.

After trying to clear the school’s name, Sung would not say if there would be any disciplinary action with the players:

We’ve got to start to fix stuff first. We are … as remorseful as we possibly can be.

(Source: The Roanoke Times)

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