Virginia Police Kill Mentally Ill Ex-Nurse While Doing Welfare Check

Police shot and killed 57-year-old Gay Ellen Plack while making a welfare check on her in Henrico County, Virginia on Sept. 17.

Police told WBBT that Plack was wielding an axe in her bedroom, and was subsequently killed by an officer.

Plack was a registered nurse who surrendered her license in 2011 after she was hospitalized for mental health issues, notes WRIC.

A neighbor, Kathleen Fiorenza, recalled the police execution of Plack:

It’s awful. It’s awful. I’m sorry for her family. [I] heard the first two police cars come in, and I came out and watched the two go out to the house. One knocked on the window, one knocked on the door and I just thought ‘”should go in and give her some privacy.'”

Plack’s next-door neighbor, Pamela Abada, told the Richmond-Times Dispatch about the police execution of Flack:

I don’t know how this could have happened. She was minding her own business in her own home. I’m thinking that they came to help her so I didn’t have to worry. I didn’t think I needed to keep tabs on the situation.

Other neighbors, who feared going on-camera, said the officers came out of the house, went back in and that’s when they heard three gunshots.

Abada said she asked officers if Plack had a gun. The police never said she had a gun, but did claim that “she was armed.”

Abada said that Plack’s son came to his deceased mother’s home on Sept. 18, and told Abada that Plack was killed by police as “she was on her daybed in the corner” of her bedroom.

(Sources: WRIC, Richmond-Times Dispatch, WBBT)

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