Virginia GOP Candidate Ed Gillespie Runs Racist Ad, Is Outraged When Ad Is Run Against Him

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor, has been running a racist ad (video below) that claims Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has increased “the threat of MS-13,” a El Salvador street gang, because Northam blocked a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities” in Virginia.

In realty, there are no official sanctuary cities in Virginia, so a ban would not affect MS-13.

Gillespie’s ad promises to protect the kindly white people of Virginia from the dangerous Latino gang from El Salvador.

In response to Gillespie’s ad, the Latino Victory Project release a new ad of a white, Confederate flag-waving, pickup truck-driving Gillespie supporter chasing minority children (video below).

During an appearance on Fox News, Gillespie was outraged over the Latino Victory Project use of race in their ad, but not by the use of race in his ad: “This ad is not just an attack on my supporters. It’s an attack on all Virginians.”

Ed Gillespie Ad

Latino Victory Project Ad

(Source: Fox News/YouTube, Ed Gillespie/YouTube, Latino Victory Project/YouTube)

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