Virginia Cop Kills Unarmed Black Naked Man Because ‘Being Naked Doesn’t Remove Threat’

A naked and unarmed black man, Marcus-David L. Peters, was shot and killed by a police officer on May 14 in Richmond, Virginia.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Peters “was a high school science teacher who had graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University.”

Peters was driving a car that hit another vehicle on a surface street, and then fled the scene, according to police.

An unidentified police officer pursued Peters who lost control of his vehicle on Interstate 95 after allegedly hitting two more vehicles on the on-ramp, notes WTVR.

Peters reportedly exited his vehicle and was not wearing any clothes as he ran on to Interstate 95.

Police claim that Peters ran back towards the on-ramp and the officer, who used his Taser on Peters; the cop then used his gun to execute Peters.

The Richmond Police Department’s Force Investigation Team (FIT) is investigating their own officer, but Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham defended the police execution of Peters by claiming that “being naked does not remove a threat.”

Peters’ mother Barbara Peters told the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

That was not my son. This is just so out of character. Something went terribly wrong.

(Source: WTVR, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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