Video Shows Massachusetts School Cop Lied About Student Shoving Him To Justify Police Force

A school resource officer falsely claimed that a High School of Commerce student in Springfield, Massachusetts shoved him, provoking the officer to attack and arrest the student on Dec. 3, 2018.

However, recently released surveillance video shows that Officer Angel Marrero pushes the student, grabs him by the neck and shoves him against a wall.

MassLive reports that Marrero’s police report falsely claimed the student began the incident by shoving Marrero in the chest with two hands.

After the police report was proven untrue, Marrero issued a retraction claiming that he accidentally lied and thought he was pushed and forced to fight back.

Marrero told internal investigators that he did not know the student, who made unprovoked comments that made Marrero “fearful” of an assault.

The student, who allegedly called Marrero a “p*ssy,” told internal investigators that he pushed Marrero — after being shoved against the wall — to create distance from Marrero, but did not hit him.

There will be a hearing regarding Marrero hearing at the Community Police Hearing Board.

(Source: Mass Live)

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