Video of Police Choking, Beating Black Man in Santa Clarita, California: ‘He Can’t Breathe!’

A video has surfaced of two Santa Clarita Sheriff’s deputies beating and choking an unidentified Black man near an area called Canyon Country in California on March 30.

An unidentified woman is heard shouting on the video: “Tell him to stop, tell him to stop, I need him to stop. He can’t breathe!”

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva banned the use of certain holds, including carotid restraints, except in deadly force situations, in 2020.

The sheriff’s office told The Valley Post that the Black man was wanted in connection with a robbery of a U.S. Postal carrier, in which a fake handgun was used. The sheriff claimed the deputies and the Black man received moderate injuries, but did not require hospitalization.

(Source: The Valley Post)

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