Vicious Elbow KO Leaves MMA Fighter Unconscious For Minutes

MMA fighter Goga Shamatava used a spinning elbow shot to knock out Pavel Pastushkov for several minutes during the ACB 93 event in Krasnodar, Russia, on Sept. 8.

The brutal blow happened in the second round of the fight at the Basket-Hall Arena, notes

Pastushkov dropped to the canvas, which delighted the crowd.

However, Shamatava signaled to the crowd to stop celebrating, and sat down on the canvas nearby Pastushkov, who was received medical care from paramedics.

After more than three minutes, Pastushkov got up and left the ring with the medical staff.

Pastushkov was later fitted with a neck brace, however fears of a serious neck injury were alleviated after an X-ray.

(Sources: ACB TV/YouTube,

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