Utah Train Worker Suspended After Harassing Women For Sharing Bathroom

A Utah Transit Authority (UTA) employee was filmed harassing two female passengers because they shared a bathroom on a train.

One of the female passengers, Camille Hoerner, told The Salt Lake Tribune: 

Someone started shaking on the door and yelling, “Only one at a time!” We got out and didn’t see anybody. It kind of scared us.

Hoerner said she accompanied one of her friends to the restroom because only one of them had menstrual supplies.

The two women left the bathroom, but two other women accompanied the women in need back to the restroom.

A second female passenger, Lexi Beckstead, explained:

That’s part of the reason why they went to the bathroom together in the first place: We’re on public transit. We’ve had weird situations happen before, with people making inappropriate comments.

People make fun of girls for going to the bathroom together, but sometimes it’s scary, and I feel like they proved our point.

The UTA employee, identified only as Jeremy, told the women:

This is public transit, this isn’t Pornhub.

Jeremy accused them of inserting tampons into each other and acting like porn stars.

A third female passenger, Alyssa Childs, told Jeremy:

These women needed tampons. What’s wrong with that?

Jeremy replied:

Why does it take all three of them 10 minutes? Were you putting them in each other?

UTA spokesperson Carl Arky said the employee, Jeremy, has been placed on paid leave during an investigation of the incident.

(Source: The Salt Lake Tribune)

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