Utah Parents Hold ‘No More Masks’ Protest to Keep Their Kids Unmasked During Deadly COVID-19 Pandemic

Hundreds of parents held a “No More Masks” rally outside the Washington County Administrative building in St. George, Utah on Aug. 21 to protest Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s mask mandate for school children.

School administrators said they don’t understand why parents are protesting them because of a mask mandate by Gov. Herbert in Salt Lake City.

Unmasked parents (who brought their unmasked kids) made absurd claims to KTVX against life-saving masks:

When George Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe,” and then he died, and now we’re wearing a mask and we’re saying “I can’t breathe,” but we’re being forced to wear them.

Let me tell you why I hate masks, they’re contaminated, and because most child predators, most child molesters love them!

Not on the backs of my kids are you gonna get more federal funding, I’ll tell you that!

The parents claimed COVID-19 spikes “overblown,” called the deadly virus a “hoax,” claimed asymptomatic carriers do not exist, and insisted they cannot be forced to wear masks anywhere in the U.S, an argument that has been shot down in courts.

The uninformed parents demanded they have the right to decide what to do with their children, who are more likely to catch COVID-19 if they do not take safety precautions such as mask wearing and social distancing.

(Source: KTVX)

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