USC Student Cleared Of Rape Because Female Made Gestures

A Los Angeles judge recently cleared a USC student, Armaan Premjee, of rape because a video showed his female accuser making gestures at a nearby nightclub.

“I’m very grateful for these tapes,” Premjee stated. “She put her arms around my neck, she started kissing me.”

KCBS reports that surveillance video at the nightclub shows the 19-year-old woman making a sexual gesture to her friend when Premjee was not looking. Another video shows her checking him in with security at her dorm.

However, there is no video of what actually happened between Premjeee and his accuser.

Prosecutors said the accuser was too drunk to consent to sex, and she told police that she didn’t recall what happened that night.

But the nightclub and the dorm videos were enough to sway the judge who said: “I believe there was consent. There is a very strong indication that the alleged victim in this case was the initiator.”

Premjee agreed: “She knew what she was doing, she was able to stand on her own two feet, she led the way.”

USC is doing its own investigation.

(Source: KCBS)

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