University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Unveils Potential Coronavirus Vaccine– Funded by Government Socialism

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is unveiling a possible vaccine for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Medical doctors and PhDs collaborated on the project, which is ffunded by three NIH institutes (government funding) which means this possible vaccine is a product of socialism.

Dr. Andrea Gambotto of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has worked on coronaviruses for years, including the first SARS outbreak in 2003.

Dr. Gambotto explained the breakthrough and the new delivery system of microneedle array to KDKA:

Back then, we didn’t have the knowledge that we have now on what is needed to, to build an effective vaccine against coronaviruses in general. That was the first emerging that coronavirus.

With that, now we think we have generated that format of vaccine that they could be very effective. It could be relatively easy to manufacture and to apply.

So, this is an incredibly safe approach. There is no bleeding with this approach, there’s no pain because the needles are not long enough to reach the circulation or nerves. In addition to that, the amounts of antigen that we’re using are so small that they don’t cause any adverse effects, in and of themselves.

When the microneedles are hard, they’re able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. And, then, as they absorb moisture, they actually dissolve and release the antigen into the skin, so the needles are actually the vaccine.

The only competition here is the competition with the virus. I think we’re all trying to work in the same direction. I think it’s better when we don’t compete with each other that we work together on this, and I think the virus is the real enemy here.

(Source: KDKA)

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