Unidentified Flying Object Stuns US Navy

U.S. Department of Defense video of an unidentified flying object zooming over the Atlantic Ocean in 2015 has been released by To the Stars Academy.

The UFO was filmed at 25,000 feet by a US Navy F/A 18 jet. The pilot is heard shouting: “What the f— is that thing?” notes the New York Post.

“Oh my gosh dude!” added the jet’s weapons systems officer.

To the Stars Academy apparently obtained the footage through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Christopher Mellon, a former defense official and an adviser to To the Stars Academy, wrote in The Washington Post:

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies…

Is it possible that America has been technologically leap-frogged by Russia or China? Or… might they be evidence of some alien civilization? 

…There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making. The current approach is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy.

…In some cases, according to incident reports and interviews with military personnel, these vehicles descended from altitudes higher than 60,000 feet at supersonic speeds, only to suddenly stop and hover as low as 50 feet above the ocean. The United States possesses nothing capable of such feats.

…If the origin of these aircraft is a mystery, so is the paralysis of the U.S. government in the face of such evidence.

(Sources: New York Post, The Washington Post, Department of Defense)

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