Undercover Video Exposes Abuse Of Baby Piglets At U.S. Supplier for World’s Largest Meat Company

A new undercover video shot by Mercy for Animals (MFA) at Tosh Farms in Franklin, Kentucky, exposes what MFA calls the “malicious and systemic abuse of mother pigs and piglets.”

Tosh Farms supplies pork for JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, which is based in Brazil.

In the video, mother pigs are kept in cages so small that they cannot turn around for their entire lives.

Baby piglets have their testicles torn off (without any pain relief) and they are smashed on the ground in order to kill them, reports AlterNet.

Tyler, a MFA activist, recalled filming the pigs at Tosh Farms on the website JBSTorture.com, which was launched to document the JBS investigation:

I’ll never forget the way they looked up at me. They all shared the same look of helplessness and fear.

One mother pig stumbled down a corridor with her uterus hanging outside her body. She wouldn’t live much longer.

Tyler said that piglets who did not immediately die were left to suffer:

A worker grabbed a piglet, just hours old, by the feet and swung him high and then slammed his head down against the hard concrete. Any life left quickly vanished.

Matt Rice, president of MFA, added in a press statement:

If JBS executives abused even one dog or cat the way their suppliers abuse millions of pigs, they would be jailed for cruelty to animals. As the largest meat company in the world, JBS has the power and responsibility to end this torture.

Following the July 17 release of the video, JBS claimed it suspended shipments from that supplier, reported Reuters:

The images presented in the video fall completely outside the company’s standards.

(Sources: AlterNet, mercyforanimals/YouTube, JBSTorture.com, Reuters)

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