Unarmed Teacher Stopped Indiana School Shooting By Tackling Gunman: Report

A Noblesville West Middle School employee, Dan Spehler, shared a firsthand account from a seventh grader about a shooting that injured one teacher and one student in the Indiana school.

Spehler told WXIN that the student said an unarmed science teacher tackled the gunman and tossed away his weapon: 

I literally just spoke with a seventh grader who was in the room where this happened. Her mom came to pick her up this morning. She confirmed what I heard from another person who lives nearby that this was in a science classroom and that a science teacher may have been the one to literally tackle this kid and swat the gun away from him.

That is a firsthand account… She described him as a student, and that he shot at someone in the room, and one student was injured. And that this science teacher bravely swatted that gun away from the gunman’s hands, saving everyone else in that room.

(Source: WXIN)

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