Unarmed Man Shot Killed By Oregon Police Over Jaywalking Stop

Newly-released body cam video shows a police officer  shooting and killing an unarmed man inside a Carl’s Jr. bathroom on Sept. 19 in Eagle Point, Oregon.

Before he was executed, Matthew Graves was suspected of the crime of jaywalking. 

Officer Daniel Cardenas followed Graves into the bathroom, and questioned the 33-year-old man why he was washing and drying his hands, notes the  Oregonian/OregonLive.

Cardenas then escalated the situation by dropping the F-bomb several times and demanding Graves get on the floor without a specific reason.

When Graces refused, Cardenas tased Graves. There was a physical altercation between Graves, Cardenas and Officer Clarence “C.J.” Davis. Cardenas then shot Graves in the back.

The two officers then shouted at Graves as he lay dying. Cardenas grew more hysterical while calling for help.

A Jackson County grand jury ruled that Cardenas was legally justified in executing Graves, who was unarmed.

After the shooting, the cops dragged Graves on the ground outside to paramedics.

Cardenas testified to a grand jury that he had to brake because Graves stepped into the street against the traffic light, which is jaywalking.

Cardenas said he followed Graves to the fast-food restaurant to lecture Graves about the dangers of jaywalking, but ended up killing him instead.

Cardenas said he suspected Graves might have had an outstanding arrest warrant or a weapon, both of which proved to be imaginary allegations existing only in the mind of Cardenas.

Graves’ father told the grand jury that his son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and hadn’t been taking medication for years.

The officers claimed that Graves managed to use Cardenas’ unholstered Taser on Davis.

Davis reportedly falsely claimed twice that Graves had a gun.

That was when Cardenas shot Graves twice in the back.

The officers later claimed that Davis mistook the Taser for a gun, twice.

(Source: The Oregonian/OregonLive)

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