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Uber Driver Kills Motorist In ‘Stand Your Ground’ Shooting

Uber driver Robert Westlake fatally shot another motorist, Jason Boek, in Lake Wales, Florida, on Aug. 28.

Westlake said he feared for his life when Boek jumped out of a truck screaming, “You know I have a pistol? Want me to shoot you?”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd called it a “classic stand-your-ground case.”

Westlake told WFTS:

Everyone tells you what you did was right, but you feel like, did I have to… after the fact? Someone comes at you like that you really don’t have much time to think.

Judd said that a bartender and customer, Jessica, for an Uber when they realized a young woman named Jasmine was in no condition to drive.

As they waited for the Uber to arrive Jessica and Boek texted about him picking her up from the bar. This escalated into a series of heated texts, including one where Boek threatened to hurt the Uber driver:

I’m going to f***ing beat the f*** out of the Uber driver.

Jessica put Jasmine in Westlake ‘s car.

Boek began following Westlake ‘s car thinking Jessica was inside the car.

Westlake said he was unaware about the drama with Boek:

I was more dumbfounded about what’s going on. I knew nothing of the other stuff going on.

I wish the whole chain of events didn’t happen. When he said pistol gonna shoot and he had it up at me… who just says that? Who only just threatens that?

After shooting Boek, Westlake said he kicked what he thought was the gun out of Boek’s hand, which turned out to be a cell phone:

I thought for a moment I hit him in a spot where he can survive. I thought for a moment after doing compressions I had him back.

I got home absolutely I gave them a hug and then I thought about the fact that the other gentleman wasn’t going to do the same thing.

Uber and Lyft both suspended Westlake’s account. Westlake said Uber said if he was cleared of any wrong-doing his account might be re-instated.

(Source: WFTS)

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