Uber Driver Kicks Out ‘White Privilege’ Passenger Who Uses N-Word

An Uber driver refused to drive a white male passenger who boasted about his “white privilege” and dropped the N-word.

The incident began when  group of white passengers got into the car,

In the car ‘s video,  the driver tells the while male passenger in the front seat to put his seat belt on, and asks him not to touch his belongings, which drew pushback from the passenger who mentioned his “white privilege.”

“I need you to get out,” the driver tells him, “Yes. Please I need you all to get out.”

“You’re a f*cking joke,” the passenger states.

“No, I’m not,” the driver insists. “White privilege, leave.”

“Get the f*ck out, bro,” the passenger says. “You’re a f*cking bitch ass n**ger.”

(Source: The Root)

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